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We are here to provide information and support, helping you to know everything about the International Mobility Experience in Portugal!

In an increasingly diverse and globalized world, the acquisition of a new vision and multicultural skills is highly valued. Markets are increasingly integrated and a mix of linguistic and cultural knowledge is a benefit to future commercial exchanges and developments of new international business projects, specially in any multinational/multicultural team.

By monitoring and supporting those who decide to embrace the decision to study in Portugal, we promise to make the whole process clear and simple, from beginning to the end for each of you. We want to help you to embrace a new experience, by building a relationship of trust and support and making your integration and adaptation easier.

In this way we can assure our customers that all setback will be avoided and that the unknown should not be feared but embraced.


Make the internationalization process easier to the students, promoting personal and professional growth for a successful future.


Be a global reference for  quality service and trustful support in the international exchange market.


Customer Satisfaction: the individual development of the students is the main reason why the business was created. The relationship must be transparent, built on trust and conducted with responsibility.

Valuing diversity: we embrace differences and believe that they help foster growth. We feel empathy with different cultures, behaviours and values.

Social responsibility: always promote aid to the population and the society in which we are part of.

Meet the Team:

“Working together for you to have an unforgettable experience!”

Looking forward to meet you!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Neal Donald Walsch