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It all starts at the beginning of the last school year… we spend our whole lives wondering what we are going to do in the future, which career we should choose and face constant changes of plans. But at this final year comes the moment of truth, it’s time to make up our minds and start building our future. But where to start?

It was at this time that, among so many uncertainties, in my head, a certainty prevailed and strengthened: the constant desire to bare the world, thirst for what is new, never-ending curiosity and the will to acquire new visions. After all, considering the size of this world, can you imagine how much does it have to offer? I still can’t.

Finally, I took my first big decision: to study abroad! It was from then on that my big adventure began.

My name is Michelle and I’m from Brazil, from a city called Salvador, located in the northeast of the country. At the age of 17, when I finished my secondary school, I decided to pack my bags and study in Portugal.

By far, all I knew about the country was that I spoke the same language as they did and that I would eat a lot of Bacalhau (codfish). I have to admit that my first statement is not that accurate, the Portuguese they spoke was completely strange for me, but their good will to communicate made everything clearer. Regarding the second statement, I was right, codfish is amazing and they know how to cook it in the best ways possible.

After getting here, I discovered all the wonders that this place has to offer, from the warm-hearted population, loyal friends, amazing food and great weather to the amazing landscapes, so distinct from one another that I could not understand how they fit into such a tiny country. Here you can find snow and beaches, modern and old, buildings and nature, fashionable and traditional, and so much more.

Portugal enchanted me so much that, after finishing my studies, I decided to stay. Funny how a place that I knew almost nothing about escalated so quickly to my favorite place to be.

Leaving all the Portuguese wonders by side (I’ll write about each one of them later) and considering my feelings before moving, at the same time I was flooded with extreme enthusiasm, I also had the doubts and fear of the unknown. It was, most of all, thanks to everyone who helped me that my adaptation was so peaceful and easy-going and nothing’s fairer than giving back all the help I once took, now it’s my turn to help you!


Starting today, as I tell you about my journey, I will also publish everything I know about choosing international mobility, moving and living in Portugal. Please help by commenting any topic you want to read about and feel free to contact me and send me your questions.

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