Preparations for the journey


After making my decision to live in Portugal, came the time to organize everything for the trip.

I will not go into too many details about the organization of my belongings, it was a lifetime that I wanted to take with me and choosing what to put in only two suitcases seemed almost impossible.

But it was not as bad as it looked and, on the positive side, it turned out to be a good time to get rid of a lot of junk and to donate some clothes!

And don’t be attached to sentimental and nostalgic things, you can keep all of them at home just waiting for your comeback, try to focus on what is useful (like clothing that you used a lot in the last year), bring just one or two sentimental items so you can make your new home feel like the old one <3.

And a good extra is that you can leave most of your heavier jackets at home. Here, in addition to not being very cold (the worst temperatures around the 5 degrees), you can find very cheap clothes and two sales every year – they happen in January and July. Hooray!

But be aware of the seasons, nobody wants to arrive in Portugal prepared for the beach in the middle of January.

There you go:

  • Spring: From March to June
  • Summer: From June to September
  • Autumn: From September to December
  • Winter: From December to march

Now what matters most: your documents.So that all your documents are valid in Portugal, they must be authenticated in the Portuguese consulate of your city/country.

It is also in the consulate itself that you can get more information about your arrival and the necessary documentation, such as whether you need an entry visa or not. Being more cautious, I didn’t limit myself to the documents that would be necessary for my visa and application at school. I gather together some documents that I considered important and authenticated at the consulate, just in case.

Some I ended not using it, but there were others that came pretty handy.

Can you imagine how long it would take to get an authenticated document I didn’t brought with me? This can be a complication when you must solve some question with some urgency.

To be considered: normally the visits to the consulates happen according to schedule, do not leave anything to the last hour and risk delaying your whole moving procedure.Do not forget: your passport must be valid! The idea is to enjoy your time here without worrying about document renewals.

Most important documents? Those necessary for your application at school and for your visa. I will not go into those documents now. Regarding the application documents, they vary from school to school.

And more? Bring any documents that are necessary to prove a health situation, a proof of your address in the country of origin, statement of your parents authorizing your trip (if you are under 18 years), vaccination bulletin, birth certificate, diplomas, id, and others you think it can be useful.Don’t forget to comment and suggest topics you want to know more about!

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