Why study abroad in Portugal?

Portugal is an attractive and accessible destination for any foreign student wanting to study abroad. Over 20,000 international students each year decide to choose Portugal as the country to further their education. So why is it that so many people want to come to cities like Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra?

Prestigious Schools

9 schools from Portugal makes the Times Higher Education world rankings. For a country with a population of just 10,000,000 that is astounding work! By choosing to study in Portugal you could find yourself studying at institutions with world-class teachers and research facilities like the NOVA School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, which consistently ranks in top 25 of international business schools in Europe.

Elsewhere there is also the University of Porto or the Portuguese Catholic University. By attending such well-respected universities, you get the twin benefits of a first-class education and the career boost of having completed your studies abroad. Clearly, anyone who takes their education seriously should take Portugal seriously too.

Cost of Living

But let’s be honest, all countries have great educational institutions. What makes Portugal so special? Well, for one it’s incredibly cheap for students. Portugal is one of the most affordable countries to live in Western Europe, and Lisbon is one of the cheapest big cities in the world. Tuition fees for international students at great public universities like NOVA can be as low as €7,000 per year while for private schools the prices are not much higher.

Taking into account accommodation, transport, utilities and living expenses, a student can easily get by for between €600-1000 per month in Lisbon or Porto, and even €500-700 per month in the smaller cities. When you’re paying €0.60 for a coffee, or €2 for a bottle of delicious Portuguese wine, you’ll find that your money problems cease to exist.

So you’re getting a first-class education and saving money. What else?

Well you get to learn a new language for one. Spoken by over 260 million people in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia, you can sure to learn some cool things outside of the classroom.

With so many people around the world speaking Portuguese, it’s no little surprise that Portugal prides itself on being a welcoming place for a wide melting pot of cultures. Choosing Portugal means choosing a place where you can learn not just about Portuguese people, or Iberians, or Mediterraneans, or Europeans, but about everyone from around the globe. And why restrict yourself to just Portugal? You can find flights to Madrid, Paris or London for under €50 from Lisbon and Porto, all of which leave daily.

Of course should you choose to explore Portugal, you won’t be disappointed. Whichever city you find yourself in, you’ll rarely be more than 30 miles from a beach, not that you’ll find yourself wanting to leave the beautiful historic cities that often. With over 290 days a year without rain, it makes sense that most international students love nothing more than to explore the cities which are fast becoming the silicon valleys of Europe due to their sun, surf and low rents.

And after?

The benefits of studying in Portugal last long after you graduate. Once you’ve learned a new language, saved money and completed your education you’ll be in high demand from employers. Cities like Lisbon boast a huge number of tech start-ups and graduates find it very easy to start working.

Additionally, the Portuguese government makes it very easy to formalize your working status in the country, and with that comes visa-free travel and work opportunities throughout all of Europe. For the 20,000 international students coming to Portugal every year, Portugal is the only place to consider!

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