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6 WEEKS during the warm Portuguese summer, miles of dark blue crystal water will bring these Portugal and the United States of America countries together. Students will work with their oversears peers to CHALLENGE European startups to think, envision and plan beyond the Atlantic!

A Program created by Continuum Partners and suported by

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Facts speak louder than words

Last year, our students had the opportunity to work with 21 different Portuguese startups and the feedbacks were amazing! 

Great group, really eager to add value. Happy to host a new group again!

Stephan Morais, Indico Capital Partners

Welcoming the students of program Beyond the Atlantic at Aptoide was a rewarding experience. Looking into our business landscape from a different angle, they were able to share with us a fresh vision and develop interesting strategies. We strongly recommend the program.

Paulo Trezentos, Aptoide

In 2019 we hosted some amazing students from various Schools in the USA. I can truly say that these are the kind of experiences that benefit all that have the privileged to be part of this wonderful program. We get to see how similar we really are across the Atlantic and how together we can learn, achieve and produce so much more. Without a doubt everyone benefited from the experience and became not just more capable professionally but also a much improved human being as we learnt from each other. We need to encourage more bridge building between our countries and our students as only then will we achieve the best results possible for us all. Let’s keep making friends, learning and having fun one visit and experience at a time.

Tim Vieira, BraveGeneration

Meet our partner Startups!

Above you will find amazing startups that are looking forward to work with you during your internship program! You will also find the positions avaible, the qualification requirements and the main tasks to be developed.

Agri Marketplace

It is a B2B cloud-based digital marketplace company that specializes in utilizing e-commerce, app development, and block chain to create more efficiency and transparency in food distribution and along different channels of the AgriFood sector. Its technology facilitates the matching of supply and demand over alternative and specific agricultural markets making their digital platform an easier, faster and more transparent process of buying and selling agri products.

  • Positions Avaiable: Sales & Business Develoment
  • Qualifications Requirement:  Previous experience in business development, sales, marketing (in any business environment) is considered a plus.
  • Main tasks to be developed: (i) to identify and select prospect targets; (ii) to evaluate the potentialities of current customers; (iii) to organize prospecting and communicate with potential customers; (iv) to follow up on prospecting; (v) to build a network of contacts; (vi) to animate a sales network and customer portfolio.

Bold by Devoteam

It is a technology group focused on delivering high quality and innovative technology solutions, through a unique combination of knowledge, agility, creativity and design.

  • Positions avaiable: Management Consulting
  • Qualifications Requirement: Problem Solving Skills Innovative and Creative Thinking Presentation creation skills
  • Main tasks to be developedWorking closely with senior elements in the delivery of Management Consulting initiatives. Those can be from business plan creation, to customer process improvement, data & analytics or innovation and transformation management.


An internationally minded company with an extremely talented team and global ambitions. The startup´s decisions are driven by our core values of Passion, Impact, Trust and Team Spirit – with which aims to have a company where everyone feels accountable and empowered to achieve their full potential. Citycheck is a location-based game app that allows tourist to engage with the best places of a city through fun and also educational games. It also offers tools for B2Bs to attract, engage and cross/up-sell with our users.

  • Positions Avaiable: Marketing (Digital Marketing, Social Media, Press, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, etc.) Biz Dev/ Sales (Sales, Partnerships, Product, etc.)
  • Qualification Requirements:  Basic knowledge of: – Google Ads and Analytics tools – Social Media Ads tools – SEO (optional) – Excel. More focus will be given on Soft-skills like: – Leadership – Communication – Flexibility/adaptability – ‘Hustle’ – Learning Mindset
  • Main tasks to be developed: Marketing: (i) Social Media Campaigns; (ii) Press Releases; (iii) Go-to-market plan;(iv) Lead Generation/ Business: (i) get B2B partnerships/customers; (ii) collect feedback on product reviews; (iii) ‘sell like hell’


It is the leading engine for innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable energy, in Europe. The company holds a sustainable, long-lasting operational framework amongst the three actors of the knowledge triangle in the energy sector: industry, research and higher education, while ensuring that the integration of the three is more efficient and has a higher impact on innovation (talent, technology, companies) than the three standing alone.

  • Positions avaiable: Business Development
  • Qualification Requirements: Field of studies in Economics
  • Main tasks to be developed: To research a new economic value chain in Portugal in the field of storage within the sustainable energy scope

Indico Capital Partners

Indico is the leading independent Venture Capital firm in Portugal investing in global and sustainable technology companies. Indico focuses on blockchain, artificial intelligence, software as a service, internet of things, fintech, cybersecurity and digital companies, targeting investments at Seed to Series A level.

Mustbe Coworking

Mustbe cowork is a marketplace for co-creators. If you have the energy to co-create something and the attitude to co-sell it, this Mustbe your marketplace. Mustbe marketplace is a platform that facilitates visibility, communication, and transactions between users. We don’t own inventory. Instead, our marketplace provides the means for people to find each other and complete a transaction. For that, we give your the opportunity to pitch your business, engage with partners and future clients and help you giving visibility to the market.

  • Position avaiable: Web Desing
  • Qualification requirements: Marketing or Desing Degree
  • Main tasks to be developed: To develop brand visual communication projects


Uniplaces is building a trusted, global brand for students. The company believes in empowering student mobility and it has started by making the process of finding accommodation easier. It is solving real life pains and we’re backed by top tier investors such as Atomico, Octopus Investments, Shilling Capital Partners and Caixa Capital to help them achieve this better and faster. It is an internationally minded company with an extremely talented team and global ambitions. Its decisions are driven by our core values of Passion, Impact, Trust and Team Spirit.

Positions avaiable: Booking Internship

Qualification requirements: (i) Very fluent in spoken/written English and/or: – Czech – French – German – Hungarian – Italian – Portuguese – Polish – Spanish; (ii) Great communication skills – usually you are the one introducing everyone around and making sure everyone is at ease. You get comfortable in communication face to face, over the phone or in writing; (iii) Pure sales machine, you’re here to smash targets and keep pushing yourself to the limit. (iv) Pressure is your main fuel to complete objectives; (v) Strong influencer, you’re a natural when it comes to convince others and proving your point across the table; (vi) Open minded and tolerant working with peers and customers from different nationalities and backgrounds.

Main tasks to be developed: To engage and acquire new landlords by presenting our value proposition through outbound cold calls; Follow and prioritise a list of leads previously generated by our Marketing department; Follow-up landlords (through phone or email) from first call up until their offers are published in our platform; Liaise with other teams to ensure listings and property information is of high quality.


Embrace a new world of opportunities!

Build connections, aquire life-lasting knowladge, broaden your  horizons and have a lot of fun! Fill up the form to tell us a little bit more about yourself – we want to find you the best internship!