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The Nova SBE Summer School: Kick-starting your future is calling on all those who are brave, daring, and eager to learn and innovate in an exciting environment.

The summer school is a week-long program aimed at high school students from all over the world, graduating in 2019, 2020 or 2021, that are interested in taking a Bachelor Degree in Economics or Management at a European leading business school. The 2019 edition will happen from July 1st to July 5th, between 09:30AM and 05:30PM, and is fully taught in English.

Nova School of Business & Economics is the perfect place for you to discover the areas of Economics and Management, while meeting our community, exploring your full potential, and enjoying the weather.

Nova SBE is a school at the forefront of innovation, so if you know you’re ready to take on the challenge of a lifetime, Nova SBE is looking for you! Are you ready, Pioneer?

Applications are open until June 7th 2019.


Kick-starting your future @ Nova SBE includes

Inspiring academic sessions, addressing key topics on Economics and Management, featuring Nova SBE’s professors (e.g.: Finance, Macroeconomics, Strategy, Marketing, etc.).

Group and individual challenges, as well as several games and activities organized by Nova SBE student clubs and our research units.

Career development workshop, where students explore future career opportunities on the Economics and Management areas.

One-day tour to discover the amazing Lisbon and Cascais.

Testimonials from current students and alumni.

Informational sessions that will help the students to know everything about studying at Nova SBE – academic information, accommodation, transports, etc.

Summer School

Program Fee

Application Fee *                                       € 50

Program Fee**                                              € 375

Accommodation on the campus                TBC

*Your application will be considered effective after paying the non-refundable application fee. After submitting the application form, we will send you the bank details to proceed with the payment. The Program fee will only be paid after the student is accepted in the program.

**The Program Fee includes all the activities of the program, lunch on campus during the week, materials given to the students and the final participation certificate.

One of the leading Business Schools in Europe

As a school, we believe we have a fundamental role to play; one we can’t ever avoid or delay.

For the past 40 years, we have chosen to participate in the transformation of our world, actively and positively – this is our test and our ultimate driver.

We believe we should support those who strive to be better as people, professionals, and leaders – individuals aware of the impact of their actions.

As we keep widening our horizons, we will continue to welcome those who are at the forefront of change, looking forward by working together.

As we keep our minds open to wonder, we will secure a common ground for a new world, in which ideas and ideals can flourish naturally, safely, freely.

As the world continues to change, we will endure by adapting to its multiple challenges; and as the world continues to challenge us, we will stay true to who we are:

A community of world citizens who want to improve people’s lives and in doing so, prove our collective potential to do better.

Forty years have passed since we were first named New.

We know we will always have a role to play, one we will never avoid or delay – we are a Nova school for all the pioneers of a greater world.