Studying in sunny Lisbon

Hi guys, Leo from Education Network here!

Just a quick entry to update you on my student life here in sunny Lisbon. Sunny — yes, that’s exactly the right word to describe it, even in winter! This festive season I didn’t go back to South Africa but rather spent Christmas and the New Year here in Lisbon, my first festive season spent in Portugal as well as the first one spent during winter! It was great, my whole family had no problem coming over to visit me now with the really cheap flights from South Africa to Portugal.

Honestly, I thought the weather was going to dampen the holiday vibe (pun intended) but I was wrong, there was very little rainfall, very sunny and in the evenings a light jacket was enough to keep the cold unnoticed. The other day I actually read that the word ‘’sunny’’ is one of the adjectives that are most used to describe Lisbon! Don’t believe me? Please go to twitter and search ‘’Sunny Lisbon’’ for yourself!

Other than the weather though, the amount of activities there are available is just mind-boggling. There are always tons of exhibitions going on and even after living here for two years I’m still discovering new monuments on a daily in this very historic city of ours! The main attraction for me this winter though was the ‘’Wonderland Lisboa’’ which is a winter wonderland that is hosted annually in on of Lisbon’s most iconic central parks. There was a ton of stuff to do there, I didn’t even manage to get through all the activities but I spent the day ice skating and going on the massive Ferris Wheel that they had there. I had a great time!

I firmly believe that one of the best things about Lisbon is the fact that with a very minimal budget to absolutely no budget at all, you can entertain yourself for days on end. With good time management, you’ll be able to keep your academic life steady and still have loads of free time to do things you enjoy and living in a city like this makes all that free time just that much more valuable!

I’m going to be on tour in South Africa this February! I’ll be in Joburg from the 1st to the 10th and then in Cape Town from the 10th to the 18th! If you guys want to meet up for a chat, just let me know! You can find me on Facebook at Leo de Figueiredo

Until then, all the best!

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