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In order to meet all the needs of an international student, we focused in finding the right partners to develop the perfect support service to our students. 

The service is free for every international student enroled at Nova School of Business and Economics through our program!

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VISA acquisition and Legal advice: 

Assistance in filling in necessary documents, revise all documents, scheduling appointments, coach students for the visa center.


Guidance and reservation

Bank Account:

Opening of a bank account

SIM card: 

Registered and loaded for the first month

Education Network student card: 

Discounts and benefits from partners in Portugal and around the world

Acquisition of the Portuguese Fiscal Number

Enrollment in the National Health System 

Help with integration in the University in partnership with the student council

We will always be available to help you solving any unforseen difficulties while in Portugal – you will never be alone!

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Meet our network of partners

Global International Relocation is a well renowned company operating on a international scale with a an agent network in over 186 countries. The company is devoted to offering high-quality services in areas such as International Moves, International Transportation, Relocation Services, Special Packing and other specific services linked to International relocation.

Their professionalism and long-proven experience in the field of international moving allows them to carefully listen to and annotate all their costumers ‘needs.

Pam Golding International offers a wide variety of offshore property for investment, permanent relocation, leisure, or even as a means of acquiring citizenship. They offer a comprehensive range of services across various real-estate sectors.

We have partnered up with them in order to offer our students access to Portugal Golden Visa Programme, whereby students can obtain EU Residency when purchasing property in excess of €350,000.

They have engaged with real-estate agencies, lawyers and company administrators in Portugal in order to present you with the services and expertise to facilitate you when entering the programme.

Quick Maths strives to condense the Portuguese mathematics high-school syllabi into concise study guides, tailored for international students that desire to pursue tertiary studies in Portugal.

Cascais city council, governmental organization. Their mission is to provide true public servece to all of those who are born, live, work or visit the city of Cascais. 

Are you looking for reliability and quality in tutoring services? Come and meet me. I am a private tutor experienced in preparing High-School and University students to reach the best results on tests and exams. With an Economics degree, Masters in International Economis and an MBA at MIT, Nova SBE and Católica LSBE, I am keen to help students from diferent countries to suceed in Maths, Statistics and Econometrics, with tailor-made solutions for each student.

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