Why you should be globally mobile

The greatest advantages of global student mobility

10 years ago not many people would have thought they needed to study HTML5. 20 years ago most people still would have chosen to learn French over Chinese. 50 years ago how many people do you think would have predicted that specializing in renewable energies would be more lucrative than extracting fossil fuels?

Society is changing so fast that nothing stays constant from one innovation to the next, which makes future-proofing your academic choices almost impossible! But what if I told you that there was one trend which is as true for you today as it was for Einstein, Plato and Mozart?

Be part of globally mobile

Working, living and studying abroad will never go out of fashion. Deciding to embrace your inner explorer gives you numerous benefits, as well as making you attractive to future employers. Boost your academic, professional and personal life by taking full advantage of living an international lifestyle.

Academic advantages

The simple fact of the matter is that not every country has access to first-class educational institutions. The Times Higher Education survey, one of the most respected in the world, shows that the top 10 universities in the world are concentrated in the UK and the USA. If you happen to be from one of the other 193 countries in the world though, this is less than helpful and can be a serious problem.

The University of Cape Town, for example, is the highest placed South African institution, coming in at 171st place. By choosing to study abroad, you get access to the kinds of schools which allow you work with world-leading scholars and gain access to world-class research and academic communities.

If your home country doesn’t have the resources to support your specialization in your chosen field, the best thing to do is go abroad and become part of the global mobility movement. Your education could be at stake if you don’t!

Professional advantages

Getting a great degree is only one part of the equation. Once you graduate you’ll probably want to get a job and here the empirical evidence is quite clear; Studying abroad makes you more attractive to employers and helps you to earn more money, for a variety of interesting reasons.

Did you know that living and studying abroad makes you more creative and a better negotiator? It also makes you significantly more likely to find a job (up to 23%) compared to people who stay in their country of origin.

Once you have a job you’re also able to earn up to 25% more than your peers. You develop more skills, you’re more likely to find a job, you’ll earn more money and there is a 10% chance that you’ll start your own successful business too!

Global mobility doesn’t just mean getting access to a world-class education. As the evidence shows, it also means getting a significant head start in your career too!

Personal advantage

It’s great to know you’re going to be smarter and richer from being globally mobile and studying abroad, but there is always more to life than money and certificates.

For most people, the biggest advantages of being globally mobile are less tangible. Being able to travel and experience new cultures is one of the biggest. Only 10% of South African’s manage to travel abroad each year, so the opportunity to study in a country like Portugal represents a huge opportunity.

You not only get exposure to whole new culture, language and climate but as a member state of the EU, you also have access to a whole continent to explore.

These kinds of experiences can broaden your horizons in big ways by giving you great opportunities to travel to new places, learn new languages, meet new people, gather ideas from various places to bring home, network personally as well as professionally or academically and just really grow as a person.

The benefits and attractions of being globally mobile are as relevant today as they have ever been.

For anyone wanting to study at the best institutions, enjoy the most fulfilling careers and have an exciting social life, using your passport and going abroad is essential.

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